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About our kits for metal garages and metal buildings.

Our metal buildings and garage kits are manufactured with the best quality materials and engineering. Choose from several models including steel arch quonset huts.


Versatility and direction are important factors in steel structure construction. Metal Building Kings® offers a variety of models for numerous types of steel straight wall or quonset hut structures. From metal garage kits and storage buildings to agricultural arch buildings or industrial structures, Metal Building Kings® provides comprehensive, strategic plans for all types of structures. Pre-engineered steel arch building systems can be incorporated with nearly any type construction material, at almost any distance. The quonset hut style based on the old military style half circle design provides the most sturdy metal building kit on the market today. There are endless options to choose from when deciding the layout of the structure. Not only does Metal Building Kings® provide a variety of structures but also uses the highest quality materials. If you need to expand your building's interior space as your capacity needs grow, you can order more arches and add them on to the building's fornt or back end to expand the size.


Metal Building Kings® is known for its efficient use of materials that entails leaving no residual waste. There is no excess of materials resulting in no excess costs to our clients. Each garage kit structure is designed to meet local snow loads, wind codes and all building codes as we adhere to global standards. Arch style quonset hut metal garages are the most cost effective long and short term solutions while providing the most energy efficient and structurally sound building kits on the market. The erection process is designed to be very easy with no special tools or equipment needed. You can choose from very heavy 14 gauge steel to 22 gauge steel. The garage kit comes in sectional arches and end walls that are simply bolted together.

It’s also important to highlight the benefit of leaving no residual waste. Compared to other materials such as lumber, extra materials may cause unexpected costs. Metal garages however provide the ability to customize while being cost effective and material friendly. At Metal Building Kings® our metal garage kit prices are the best you will find in the United States as we continue to build our client base and offer the best service to our customers to uphold our stellar reputation as the leader in metal building kits.


Turnkey solutions include laying the right foundations, quick assembly, permitting, selecting contractors, building and location planning and building energy efficient structures. Metal Building Kings® works with some of the most skilled contractors in many areas. Our buildings can be better insulated than wood-frame and are more energy efficient. Pre-engineered steel buildings and prefab metal garages are very durable and strong enough to handle heavy snowfall, high winds, and even combustion. They can be constructed almost anywhere and with such flexibility complimented by our outstanding full service. Metal Building Kings® serves as the ideal standard among its competitors.

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Prefabricated & pre-engineered metal arch building system garage kits Made in the USA.