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Indiana steel arch buildings & metal garage kits.

Metal garage kits and steel arch buildings custom designed and manufactured in Indiana.

Indian's 6.4 millions residents in 92 counties, much of which live in rural communities use metal garage kits for workshops, garages, warehouses and farm equipment storage. Communities in Marion county, Boone, Rural, Dearborn, Wayne, Kosciusko and Parke counties have ordered custom metal garage kits such a s the A model steel arch building, the P model garage kit and the S model in various sizes from 20’ wide to over 50’ x 100’. Due to the low wind and seismic activity in Indiana most metal garage kits are custom built with lighter 18 - 22 gauge steel which is still more dense than a metal framed garage kit which has steel framing and thin metal siding. (see different types of garage kits)

Metal Building Kings® locations in Indiana from which we distribute custom manufactured metal garage kits and steel arch building systems are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, and Hammond. From there we deliver to businesses, farms and residential building sites. If your Indiana city or municipality requires blueprints or other documentation we will have those ready for you to present to local officials for permitting and approval.

Each garage kit comes with full manuals and instructions for erecting your building on site. We are always available to assist you by recommending or forming a group of general contractors that are located throughout the Hoosier State for any turnkey operation or construction job you need for your structure. Our steel fabricated / pre-engineered buildings are easy to put together with a crew of 4 people but professional assistance can be beneficial.

The Indiana Plumbing - Heating - Cooling Contractor Connection (PHCC) is a valuable resource for hiring licensed and reputable contractors who specialize in pre-engineered metal buildings like our metal garage kits. You can also find information on reputable Indiana contractors at the Government website of Indianapolis and Marion County.

Metal garage kits are less to insure in Indiana for replacement costs which are typically 20% less than a wood framed structure. Metal structures are also fire resistant and can hold incredible snow loads without the need for removal. Some of the larger garage kits we have installed in Indian are Marion County - 40' x 120' with a roof pitch of 24' high in 14 gauge steel with turbine ventilation and 4 roll up 16 gauge heavy duty steel electronic overhead doors systems. A Farm in Bloomington, Indiana on 220 acres custom designed and built a Metal Building Kings® Q Model steel building that is 100' wide x 240' long in 14 gauge steel with 8 4'x7' (4070/single leaf) walk through doors a sliding door on the back endwall and a 44 foot wide bi-fold eletronic door for equiment and vehicles to enter.

At Metal Building Kings® we custom build your Indiana metal garage kit steel arch building specifically according to all Indiana county building codes and its practical use. Design, price and buy your building in Indiana by using our price quote calculator or discount calculator

Our steel structures are manufactured to meet the toughest certification standards that apply to Indiana and its wind velocity building codes and manufactured buildings codes. A company cannot ship an industrialized building system into the state unless it meets Indiana's codes.

Manufactured building code enforcement applies Indiana counties with recent changes from the LSA Document #13-339(F) In compliance with The Special Administrative Rules for Industrialized Building System and Mobile Structures (675 IAC 15-1) which are adopted by the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission. Indiana wind speed codes are are 80 MPH and Indiana seismic codes apply.

The steel used in our Indiana prefab metal garages is Galvalume 80,000ksi tensile yield carbon steel coated with aluminum-zinc alloy with the addition of silicon. Steel arch panels have a 7½" deep corrugation and are engineered for maximum strength.

We provide low cost delivery to your Indiana location. Because our manufacturing facility ships to locations throughout the world we are able to obtain the lowest FedX, DHL and USPS shipping rates so that building components are guaranteed to arrive safely at your building site.


Factory Direct Low Prices - Highest Quality
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Prefabricated & pre-engineered metal arch building system garage kits Made in the USA.