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Maine garage kits
and metal building kits.

Maine metal garage kits and steel arch buildings custom manufactured in the Pine Tree State for small business, commercial and residential use.

Maine metal garage kits are pre-engineered building systems manufactured with a 40 year warranty.

Custom design and price Maine metal garages, steel arch buildings and metal garage kits using our price calculator and get discounted prices factory direct at up to 70% off retail prices. Be sure to check out our metal garage clearance sale prices for garage kits we already have in stock. Metal garages are guaranteed for at least 40 years and manufactured with your choice of 14 to 22 gauge 80,000ksi tensile yield carbon AZ Galvalume® steel coated with aluminum-zinc alloy and silicon. The process provides better adhesion to the steel substrate and your arch building's steel is 700% more rust resistant than galvanized steel. Metal garage kits sold for Maine consumers are designed to sustain the harshest Maine weather in the winter months and the sea salt air on the coast to resist any rust for decades.

metal garage kit in Maine

Metal Garage Kit in Biddeford, Maine

Custom Maine metal building kits and garage kits are available with various standard and custom sized insulated and non-insulated walk through doors and electronic push button overhead door systems or custom sliding doors that are made of heavy gauge that are easy to operated, usually used for horse barns. Insulate your building with spray foam, roll up or insulated panels to provide a controlled climate in your garage and to eliminate moisture.

Customize your metal garage with your choice of 6 different air vents that can be designed into the roof or walls. Install skylights that are made of polycarbonate translucent material with ultra-violet inhibitors that are the same size as an arched panel and easily fit in place of panels along the top to side of the building. You can also install custom heating into the garage kit. Ask our technicians for sources to buy heating equipment and how to install heating systems into your building.

After we have worked on designing your custom metal building or garage kit we will give you prices on factory direct buildings or kits that we have in stock so you can get the lowest price anywhere in the country or State of Maine. We ship your kit with all documents you need for permits, planning and inspections such as blueprints, floor plans, material specs and engineering information. Our Turnkey services in Maine are can help you with land surveys, erecting your building, and laying your building's foundation according to all your local building codes in CT. We can provide everything you need from planning to construction. You can also access our statewide network of sub-contractors in Maine who are certified and have the best reputations.

The special AkzoNobel Ceram-A-Star® 1050 paint used on your Maine metal garage kit is a silicone-protected polyester coil coating system designed exclusively for Metal Building Kings® steel buildings in Maine to last in your specific environmental conditions. The metal building paint comes in several colors that are Energy Star and LEED compliant. Metal Building Kings® distribution locations in Biddeford, Bangor, Portland, Lewiston and Auburn provide expedited shipping and delivery from our manufacturing plant of your building's components, accessories, hardware and instruction manuals to all 1.328 million residents in 16 counties state wide. Choose from 4 different metal garage kits with different arched sidewall and roof designs. You can browse the different buildings on our metal building models page.

Metal garage kits and steel buildings are popular in Pine Tree State for workshops, warehouses, agriculture, horse barns and storage facilities and for both business and home use because they are certified as the best pre-engineered metal building system to withstand wind storms up to 170 mph winds. The nice thing about our building kits is that they are easy to expand. Disassemble the end wall and add on new arches in 2' increments and reassemble either end wall and you can make your building larger.

Steel arch buildings are secured right into the cement foundation with steel base plates and bolts that secure the structure in place. Our metal building's integrity and durability is rated #1 in the industry and our ability to manufacture these buildings factory direct keep prices among the least expensive among all the best garage kits and sellers of steel arch buildings.

Be sure to check out our clearance sales going on in Maine for in-stock buildings and garages at deeply discounted prices. Also learn more how your metal garage is priced out by visiting our garage kit prices page. Every metal building is custom manufactured to Maine's specific codes and certifications.

Read here for more on Maine building codes.

Maine Metal Garages / Garage Kits / Steel Building Accessories and features
• 3'x7', 4'x7', or 6'x7' single leaf Walk Through Doors with 18 - 20 gauge galvanized steel
• Overhead Roll Up Door 26 - to 16 Gauge Steel, 30'-28' high (electronic)
• Overhead Bi-Fold Door 48' wide - 14' high (electronic)
• Overhead Sectional Door - 24 gauge ribbed setal
• Sliding Doors - 14' wide to 14' high
• Gravity Vents installed on the roof
• Turbine Vents for pulling air out
• Ridge vents for air circulation
• Wall Louvers for cross ventilation
• Roll Insulation mounted inside the building
• Spray Foam Insulation sprayed inside on the walls
• Insulated panels that come insulated
• Polycarbonate Skylights made of fiberglass installed on the roof in place of panels.

The Maine Metal Garage kit Models:
• The Q model for Maine Farming and Agriculture
• The S Model for Maine farming, livestock and horse barns
• The A Model for Maine storage facilities
• The P Model for Maine workshops, residential and small business.

Some examples of Maine clearance sale metal garage kits we have sold to businesses and residents are:
Portland, Maine Model Q metal building kit - 90’ x 80’ x 18’ 16 gauge steel - ($8,448.92 price discount
Bath, Maine Model P garage kit - 30’ x 50’ x 14 16 gauge steel - ($6,079.44 price discount)
Ellsworth, Maine Model A metal garage kit - 40 x 50’ x 13’ 18 gauge steel - ($7,001.86 price discount
Portland, Maine Model A metal garage kit - 38’ x 60’ x 16’ 20 gauge steel - ($4,955.40 price discount)
Saco, Maine Model Q metal building kit- 80’ x 110’ x 22’ 16 gauge steel - ($11,933.09 price discount)
Lewiston, Maine Model S metal garage kit - 40’ x 40’ x 16’ 16 gauge steel - ($7,922.83 price discount)
South Portland, Maine Model A metal building kit- 38’ x 68’ x 16’ 18 gauge steel - ($5,528.91 price discount)
Lewiston, Maine Model P garage kit - 44’ x 50’ x 16’ 14 gauge steel - ($4,532.48 price discount)
Bangor, Maine Model Q metal garage kit- 40 x 70’ x 16’ 16 gauge steel - $6,621.55 price discount)

Metal Building Kings® Provides turnkey building solutions for planning, permitting and construction phases such as concrete slabs, electrical work, plumbing and erecting large scale commercial steel buildings. Contact us for more information on our commercial applications and turnkey services. For homeowners we provide consultation and small scale turnkey solutions to help you get metal garage built right and well planned for your geographic and environmental challenges.


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