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Metal garage kit end walls

There are a variety of choices for front and rear end walls designs including entrance types.

The end walls are attached to the steel building after you have securely erected all of the arches to form the structure. They must be fastened to the building’s cement foundation with the supplied base plates to form the final opening size and profile. The curve angles must also be secured. Metal Building Kings end walls are pre-engineered steel designs certified to withstand hurricane force winds.

Solid end walls
Solid end wall components come with your metal garage kit which are usually installed on the back end of your steel building. However some steel buildings are used as covers in which case customers want to have an opening on both ends. Foam strips are applied between the curve angles on the outer edges of the end walls before the panels are attached.

Find the center of the top of the arch and plum down to the center of the foundation base. This is where you will begin the installation of the end walls. You will be working your way out from the center attaching the vertical panels until you come to the ends where corner panels and cut and attached to the outer angles. Lastly you will be bolting down the end wall panels to the foundation base plates until the wall is assembled and closed.

Framed opening end walls

When you order an end wall for an over head door or walk-through door, framed opening steel components are supplied. Be sure to decide on the type of door you will be using before ordering your metal garage kit so we can consult with you and make sure you have the correct materials and design in the end wall to accommodate your over head and walk through doors.

When installing your end wall side panels make sure you have the door connector beams parallel to the foundation. Also, for each opening, the diagonal measurements from each door stiffener connected to the corner of the connector beam and the last wall panels are exactly the same from the top to the foundation. Lastly you will connect the over-door wall panels to finally create the end wall openings for your doors.
Sliding doors for end walls will have door jams and triangular attachment plates to accommodate the types of sliding doors you will have in your end wall. We will also include door track assemblies, door guides to be attached to the base and vertical posts.

End wall door types:
• Sliding doors
• Sectional doors
• Bi-fold doors
• Hydro-wing doors
• Hangar doors
• Walk through doors
• Roll Up Doors
• Steel walk through doors

Custom end walls
Many of our customers have built their own custom end walls with concrete block, bricks and even wood to create a unique design that matches their home or adjacent buildings. You will need to consult with a local contractor to advise on the best way to seal these types of end walls to your steel building and also pass local building code inspections.

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