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Pre-engineered metal building kits and garage kits.

Pre-engineered metal building systems
have distinct advantages over other structure types
Take a look at the comparison and how our PEB system is made.

The pre-engineered metal building

Roll formed roof and wall panel diaphragms called arches form the walls and roof with one single panel. Multiple panels made of 80,000ksi tensile yield carbon steel coated with aluminum-zinc alloy with the addition of silicon with 7½" deep corrugation (providing great strength) are joined together with grade 8 bolts forming the length or depth of the building which is virtually limitless. Each pre-engineered building system comes with bolts, washers, nuts and panels to form the structure’s walls and roof.

The clear span design means that inside the building there are no beams or support structures needed to support the building’s integrity and stability. This gives you 100% use of the area inside the pre-engineered building. With a pre-engineered metal building system you can customize the specifications such as width, height, length, gauge steel used and accessories built into your metal garage.

Advantages of Pre-engineered metal building systems

Pre-engineered metal buildings are kits or quonset huts that are custom engineered specifically to your specifications and are ready to easily erect on-site upon delivery, usually on top of a concrete slab. Pre-engineered steel structures cost much less than traditional wood structures and are far more sturdy and able to withstand high wind velocity and snow loads - see metal building certifications. These metal buildings are also much easier to build and construct in far less time with fewer tools and materials.

Pre-engineered metal building systems do not warp decay or rot. Steel does not retain moisture so your building contents will not be subject to mold or mildew which minimizes infestations and eliminates there need for pest control.
The metal building paint last decades longer than traditional wood paint. AkzoNobel Ceram-A-Star® 1050 coating system paint which is top manufacture of synthetic resins, and paint finishes is used on all pre-engineered metal building systems. And at Metal Building Kings, we have the best metal building prices in the industry.

About the pre-engineered steel used in metal buildings

All the metal in the pre-engineering process is made of AZ Galvalume® Steel - a superior steel alloy containing aluminum and zinc that is 700% more rust resistant than galvanized steel. When the steel building panels are in the hot dip process, aluminum and zinc are combined with silicon in the alloy to provide better adhesion to the steel substrate when the panels are roll formed or bent during fabrication.

The cut-edge protection along sheared edges during fabrication greatly reduces any rusting in areas that might otherwise be exposed. Also, since the coating is so resistant to corrosion, it retains a very bright surface appearance when exposed to most atmospheres.

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