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Prefab metal garages and steel metal building systems.

Prefabricated metal garage building systems are kits partially
constructed and manufactured at our factory to bring down cost
and make the building and construction process easier.

Prefab metal garage manufacturing

Metal Building Kings® prefab metal garage building systems are garage kits machined out and fabricated at our factory facility to save in construction costs and materials. Each steel arch is manufactured and cut to length and width depending on the model type and how large the dimensions of the metal garage that is ordered. Our facility’s fabricator stations have high quality metal roll form machinery with advanced automatic servo-adjusted roll-forming bed shapes and corrugates 14 - 22 gauge steel into prefabricated arch panels with out losing the robustness and tough quality of the 80,000ksi tensile yield carbon metal itself.

Metal Building Kings® prefab galvanized steel is produced when the steel is covered in molten zinc or zinc alloy, by roll forming hot dipping vs. the electrolytic process. Silicon is added to the process so your prefabricated components will last for decades in harsh weather and adverse environmental conditions such as acid rain. The finished product is a Galvalume steel sheet of 80,000ksi tensile yield carbon steel coated with aluminum-zinc alloy and silicon panels.

The prefab ends of each arched garage panel are formed to have a 9” flat surface to each panel when bolted together fits tightly and seamlessly to eliminated the need for sealing or waterproofing. The entire process is designed to achieve the most sturdy prefab metal garage building system ready to construct and erect upon delivery with the most efficiency and the least amount of materials. The end result is a steel structure that will stand up to 170 mph hurricane wind forces.

Advantages of a metal prefab garage building system

Metal Building Kings® prefab garages with arch quonset style designs have less components than rigid framed or I-beam garage buildings which make the construction process much quicker and easier. Each prefab arch panel is bolted together in the erection process to form the prefab garage including the front and back end walls which have straight prefab panels. The elimination of the I-beam design and framing structural components reduce the price for the consumer because there is less steel involved and the engineering and manufacturing process is streamlined. Another advantage is site contractors only need manpower and pulleys with traditional tools to put the quonset prefab garage together vs. special machinery, tools and construction equipment for framed garages.

The structural integrity, toughness certifications associated with the quonset arch prefab garage is second to none because of the physics in the design. The arch design has long been the most sturdy going back centuries from the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamian architecture and part of the systems used by ancient Romans. When combined with 14 gauge steel and the deep corrugation formed into the prefab arched panels Metal Building Kings® prefab garages are the most solid buildings you can buy.

Government use of the prefab garage building system using arch panels is widely popular because the army corps of engineers and other entities need the reliability it provides in places like Alaska, the sub-tropics and anywhere harsh weather conditions could sacrifice a framed building causing damage of the structure or its contents.

Cost of prefab garages

The cost of prefab garages has to be compared to other means of building a garage such as wood frame, Rigid I-beam, wood frame and other framed out garages. A stud and a post frame garage are commonly twice the cost of a prefab metal arch building.

I- BEAM Rigid Frame prefab garages: The components associated with this type of building contain I beams, Secondary framing, wall sheeting, roof panels, bolts and screws. The meat fact that this building has so many components and materials brings the cost up dramatically not to mention the labor and manufacturing to create the system. $22 - $39 our square foot is the average cost depending on the specifications you choose.

Wood framed prefab garages: The materials used in this prefab metal garage are slightly less than an I-Beam garage kit while labor costs are about the same. The total square foot cost of this prefabricated garage averages about $21 - $42 depending on the current cost of lumber.

Steel frame prefab garages: Steel framed garage kits are much lower than the first two while material costs average about 30% to 45% less and the overall cost is about half that of the stud and post frame prefab garage kit. The cost depends on the quality of the garage too. The best quality steel prefab garage has heavier gauge steel and is engineered better than others so if you compare prices of the best quality steel framed garage the cost can be $14 - $19 per square foot.

Steel arch prefab garage kits: The most economically priced prefab garages are the quonset hut prefab garages. They have far less components and the manufacturing process is more streamlined with let machining and equipment used. Average cost is anywhere from $9 - $18 per square foot depending on the gauge steel which in Metal Building Kings® prefab metal garages go from 14 - 22 gauge and also the accessories, size, and end wall designs. In addition these prefab garages are the most sturdy and structurally sound.

Designing your own prefab garage

You can custom design your prefab garage kit online by choosing several specs that are used in determining what you building will look like and how much it will ultimately cost. Here are the categories you can select and customize to design and build your prefab garage and find out what the final cost will be.

• Garage Model
• Size: Width, length and height
• Gauge steel to be used
• What your prefab garage will be used for
• Type, size and number of of entry doors
• Skylights for natural lighting
• Ventilation: types of vents and quantity
• Types of Insulation needed if any is required
• When you will need your garage
• location for shipping cost
• Turnkey assistance
• Local contractors for assembly and permits
• Type of foundation, construction and material cost

You can custom design and build your prefab garage kit online using our online prefab metal garage calculator to suit your needs and once you are finished you can submit the specifications to find out what your building will cost. You can tailor your design and make adjustments to see the price differences and finally decide on what type of building is right for your purpose and budget. You can also see prefab metal garage clearance sales we have for low prices on ready to ship garages. If you need any help our Metal Building Kings® consultants are available by phone at (412) 522-4797 during business hours or you can request a call back after hours 7 days a week by leaving a message or using our contact form.


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