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Metal Building Kings®
turnkey solutions

Metal Building Kings® provides turnkey solutions for our customer’s metal garage projects from planning to building site construction.

turnkey metal building solutions

Metal Building Kings® has engineers, data, permitting and building code and construction experience as well as contacts and relationships worldwide to help you during the process of your project.

Once you have designed your garage kit and ordered it to be manufactured we are at the ready to assist you in developing a timeline for the entire construction process including obtaining the right permits, subcontractors and construction processes to meet your local building codes and surveying the geography to assure you metal garage is built the correct way without any issues during the process or after it is erected.

Metal Building Kings® works with thousands of subcontractors across the globe as well as equipment and interior supplies vendors. We also offer environmentally conscience solutions to incorporate green technologies and building materials into your metal garage to save on energy and lessen your carbon footprint.
Here are some of the services we assist our customer with.

• Electricians
• Plumbing Specialists
• Metal Building Site Construction
• Masonry
• Concrete and Paving
• Irrigation
• Permits
• Land Surveying
• Building Planning
• Agriculture supplies and equipment
• Aviation equipment and supplies
• Auto body building supplies and equipment
• Farming equipment and building supples
• Equestrian equipment, building supplies, and stables
• Commercial building equipment and supplies
• Warehouse building equipment and supplies
• Commercial Mechanical systems
• Workshop building supplies
• Solar Panel installers and equipment

turnkey metal building solutions

Before your order is complete will can assist you with pulling the local building codes to make sure we manufacture your building with the correct gauge steel and components to pass your building inspections. We will also help you coordinate with your local government to obtain the special permits needed to begin the construction and to pass each phase of permit approval.

We work with local contractors if you need assistance with pouring a foundation and to assure your monolithic slab will sustain frost lines and poured correctly to endure harsh freezing weather or low lying areas where water or flooding can impact your metal garage.

Metal garage kits are easy to erect and can be completed by a very small crew of 4-5 people with minimal equipment like pulleys and scaffolding. But larger steel buildings that are 24 feet high and hundreds of feet wide could use subcontractors that specialize in erecting metal building kits. This just makes the process go smoother and quicker because they have experience doing this and won’t need to research and get help with the process.

This is especially true when you consider having electrical and plumbing work installed into your metal garage for say agriculture buildings, metal shops, aircraft hangars, industrial metal buildings and commercial structures where the interior logistics to accommodate special functions, both mechanical and personnel can be quite complicated. Turnkey services also help you plan out the interior space to be used more efficiently and to full capacity.

Utilizing our turnkey solutions will also reduce your risk of personal injury or liability for mistakes in the construction process and reduce costs associated with rectifying any stage of the construction. Another key point is taking advantage of any deregulations in the industry or new laws that benefit building owners.

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